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The 4th trimester is a concept - not a medical term. It refers to the first 3 months after childbirth where everything is new, including your baby. And while there’s plenty of hard work and settling down to do it can be an amazing time too.

Most parents-to-be spend every free moment finding out information about their pregnancy trimesters and ‘what to expect’ during labour and child birth, whilst leaving the subsequent part (i.e. caring for your newborn) for later reading, once they’ve delivered their baby.

The truth is there is no better time to learn about caring for your newborn than during your pregnancy. After your baby is born, you’re better-off using whatever free time you get to catch up on some shut-eye rather than going over the fine-print on how to look after your baby!

Our 3 hour practical and fun workshop will prepare you for the day when you first hold your baby in your arms.

We do not recommend certain things to buy, we do not suggest one method or technique is better than the other, we try to give you examples of how things can be done; things that other parents have tried, some you might love, some you might hate, but what we want to do is show you that there is a CHOICE. 


Most parenting in the early days is trial and error whilst you get to know your baby and they get to know you, so we think its handy to have a mixture of ideas and practical tips in your 'tool box' for those days when things seem all too new and confusing.


We look at developing a Post Recovery Preparation Plan. All too often mums-to-be are asked to complete their 'birth plan' which is well and good, but what happens when baby is here, there are so many things to consider;

what do you do then?

what nappies will you use?

Who will help around the house?

Who will fetch some shopping for you?

You need to know who your team consists of after your baby is born. 

Who will help you make sure there is time for you to eat? Or how about your shower? Are you getting the proper nutrition and drinking enough water? Will you know whom to ask if you are concerned your baby isn’t getting enough milk or that your postpartum bleeding may be excessive? If you feel down, will you second-guess yourself and strive for Wonder Woman reserves?

All these things can be built into your post recovery preparation plan. We will discuss this in more detail in the work shop.


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We want to support you to explore your options, to learn skills and decide how YOU want to care for your baby.


We will look at the following;


Baby care basics -a hands on opportunity to learn how to handle your baby, dress him / her, change a nappy (looking at cloth nappies and disposable) cord care, Bathing, winding etc.


Safety - ensuring you are up to date with recommendations and guidance for keeping your baby and family safe.


Newborn care and choices - Plans for the Plancenta - Post recovery preparation plan - looking at the tests, checks and choices which will be offered to your newborn immediatley after birth.


Parenting choices - reusable and disposable nappies, babywearing and buggies, routines and being baby led, cot or co-sleeping your choices are explored.


Reading babies cues and methods to calm baby.


Roles of dads- how dads can bond with thier little ones, starting before the birth !!! How dads can be actively involved in caring for your baby.


4th Trimester Birth and Beyond Workshops 

compliment our Nurturing Birth Workshops


3 hour Workshop start from £40.00 per couple.

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