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Baby Massage

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"Massage can get your newborn to sleep better,

improve her health, and even help you bond."

Baby Massage is not only very popular with parents but the benefits have been widely recognised by the NHS, midwives and other health organisations and professionals. 

Because the skin is the first organ to develop, a baby’s most powerful sense, even when in the womb is touch. Practising Baby Massage on your baby from when they are young has a number of long-term physiological and emotional benefits. Regular infant massage can help build a baby’s immune system, boost his or her respiratory system, stimulate the circulatory system and balance the baby’s nervous system.

When we massage our infants, we also help release the hormone oxytocin in the baby, which regulates the cortisol or stress levels. In other words baby massage can help relax a tiny one, reducing periods of crying and so aid sleep – welcome news for any new parent.

One of the other advantages of baby massage is that it also helps strengthen the digestive system, so relieving common newborn ailments and discomfort such as wind / colic or constipation.

As well as the physiological benefits for a baby, there are also many benefits for the mother / father. Infant massage can give us that precious, close one-to-one, skin-to-skin contact that is vital both for bonding and reducing our own stress levels. For just as oxytocin is produced in the baby when he or she is being massaged, it is simultaneously produced in the person giving the massage. 

Another important benefit for new mums is that baby massage can help with breastfeeding. As well as producing ‘happy’ hormones, infant massage also stimulates the hormone prolactin in mothers, which helps with lactation.


Baby massage has a range of benefits:

Boosts your self esteem and confidence in parenting

Enhances your understanding of baby’s development

Strengthens your communication with your baby

Relaxes both parent and baby

Encourages your baby to sleep more deeply by engendering feelings of contentment and security

Relieves wind, colic and constipation, and therefore reduces babies crying from discomfort

*I am fully qualified, insured and hold certification with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). I will never massage a baby, the only person to touch or massage in my class is the parent or caregiver.


Massage Classes

A 5-week Baby Massage Course suiatble for babies from birth until baby is crawling, this programme will teach top-to-toe baby massage techniques to help develop your baby's digestive, immune, circulatory and nervous systems and help with wind and colic. However, The IAIM course is more than a baby massage course. We look at crying, and why babies cry, settling your baby, understanding your baby, adapting the massage for your growing child.

Great for making new friends, the 90-minute sessions also cover weekly discussions with other parents on a number of parenting topics including self-calming techniques, infant communication, teething, weaning and more...

Each week you will receive relevant handouts, outlining what we have covered in the session.

*All materials are supplied (massage mats, towels,  Organic Sunflower Oil) You will be supplied with a  bottle of massage oil to take away and continue using  at home.

*A full coloured booklet of baby massage routines.

*A certificate of attendance for you and baby at our  graduation celebration.

*Of course tea / coffee and biscuits !!!!!!

Relaxed and friendly, we always start each session with a relaxation for mummy or daddy first.......

Totally baby led, you are welcome to feed / change baby as and when necesssary, and if baby is sleeping I have spare training dolls for you to practice with. 

Prices start from £45.00 for a 5 week course

Options available

* Attend a session in our newly built 'Nurture Pod' in our back garden
Weekday Mornings 10-12.00 Afternoons 1.30 -3.00 pm
All Welcome. (Max 6 spaces)

* Private one-to-one sessions. At my home or in your own home.
Ideal for Twins, Prem babies, Mums with postanal depression, or mum after C section  etc.

*If you have a group of mums and babies, I can hire a venue to suit your time and date.(Max 8 spaces) Incentives may be available for the host / organiser.
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Classes Running in Stafford

All classes take place in a warm comfortable log cabin in my garden at home on the North side of Stafford, only 5 minutes from Junction 14 of the M6.

I keep classes to a maximum of 6 babies, this ensures everyone has the opportunity to practice the massage, and I can be sure that everyone feels confident before moving on to the next stage.

If you would like to make a booking, please complete the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Payement is preferred by Bank Transfer, and I will supply my details on request.

A £20.00 deposit is required to secure your place, or full payement can be made at the time of booking.

Please choose from the drop down list your preferred start date, to complete the course you must attend all 5 sessions.

(Dates may be subject to change)

Baby Massage Booking


Please complete the Booking form below and we will contact you as soon as possible regarding your booking.


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I have just finished the baby massage sessions with Victoria and loved it! She is very nurturing and helpful. My little boy loves having his massage and I have worked it into his bedtime routine as it really calms him. I would highly recommend to others, the group provided support too as chatting to other mums was great, with an added bonus of a cuppa :)  Kayleigh Sargeant April 2016

We did the baby massage course with Victoria and we absolutely loved it. So lovely to bond and learn a new skill with your baby. Lovely to do with other mummies who you can chat and share parenting with. 
We also did the mummy and baby pamper day which was absolute bliss we felt so relaxed and spoilt after our day at Victoria's house. Would highly recommend both. Thank you so much xxx

Amy Maz Sander June 2016

I attended Victoria's Baby massage class with my son who was 9 weeks old when we started and he loved it. I incorporate the massage into his bedtime routine and have also used it to help relieve trapped wind and constipation. I loved that the group was small so that you could really get to know the other mums and share stories and advice. The classes are run from home and Victoria was very welcoming and nurturing providing lots of tea and yummy homemade cake and biscuits. I would highly recommend Victoria's Baby Massage class to anyone! x

Lucy Middleton June 2016

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Fab course. Really enjoyed it. What a lovely setting in the nurture pod. Lovely Victoria made it relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you x

Faye Baldwin June 2016

Great sessions with great friends. Florence loves her massage time. 

Thanks Victoria xx

Helen Joy June 2016