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Nurture Relaxation for Birth

It is natural to experience a certain amount of fear and anxiety in anticipation of giving birth.

Birth is often associated with fear, I will be working with you to aliviate any worries or concerns leading up to your birth.

I can give you tips for relaxation, preparation for birth and knowledge that are essential for a positive birth experience.

You will be welcomed into a relaxing environment, that will help make you feel safe, tranquil and warm.

Held in smaller groups of maximum of six, stretching, breathing and relaxing can be tailored to your unique journey to birth. 

We will take an holistic approach to your birth, whether this is a 'natural' birth or planned Cesarean section.

We will cover massage techniques, Aromatherapy Oils for labour, what to pack for your labour bag etc, we will also be using affirmations and meditation throughout the sessions. All these tools can be utilised at home and on your baby's 'Birth-day'

These supportive classes incorporate all you may have learnt in pregnancy yoga with antenatal techniques and active birth skills. Classes are taught by teacher, and therapist Victoria Clowes in our Nurture Pod.




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Sessions run

Thursday Morning

10.30 - 11.30

£6.50 per session

At Nurture Pod