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Nurturing Birth (couples) Workshop

@ the Nurture Pod, Nurture Staffordshire.

Taught over 2 three hour sessions, taking place during weekends.

£75.00 per couple (mum-to-be plus birth partner)

This Nurtring Birth Workshop will leave you feeling confident, well informed and prepared for your baby’s birth. The Active Birth Principles are recommended by midwives, doulas and hundreds of parents, sessions are inspirational as well as highly practical. The workshops are led by Victoria Clowes, who is a very experienced Holistic Therapist, Baby Massage instructor and also a birth and post natal doula.

Our first aim is to give you all the resources you need to help you make informed choices for your baby's birth. With plenty of practice of labour and birth positions, breathing, relaxation, massage and guidance for the partner. These workshops teach birth physiology in an experiential way that you will not find elsewhere. You will develop understanding of how to access and awaken your instincts and innate reflexes for giving birth. This in turn will have a profound influence on your mind – creating a positive mindset and a feeling of confidence and trust in what your body can do, with a deeper sense of the way your body, your baby, your uterus and pelvis are magnificently designed for birthing. This is hugely empowering.

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We want to help you to enjoy a calm, joyful and safe birth in any circumstances. Many courses focus too much on complications and hospital procedures or place an unrealistic emphasis on natural birth.  These worshops strike the balance, empowering you to first trust your body and reduce the likelihood of intervention, and to be informed and open-minded. If plans need to change, you will be ready to work with your midwifery and medical support team and make wise decisions and apply Active Birth Principles in combination with medical support.

Dads-to-be and Birth Partners

The partner is usually the main support at birth, with little or no training and is usually completely unprepared, this can be very daunting.

These workshops will give your birth partner a new confidence in trusting what is right for both mother and baby. Your partner will leave feeling more empowered and relaxed to help you on your baby's birth-day. Lots of hands on and practical experience that is taught in a non-threatening approach with lots of opportuntiy for discussion and questions.

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Areas covered:


Birth Physiology - Using female pelvis and teaching doll and uterus to demonstate the birth process.


The role of hormones in labour and birth.


Practical, active birth positions for different stages of labour and birth - and how your partner can support you.


Massage techniques for different stages of labour


Natural methods of pain relief, aromatherapy, water, massage, etc


Medical methods of pain relief, gas and air, pethadine, epidural etc.


Advantages of delayed cord clamping.

Various breathing techniques for labour and birth


Third stage of labour choices and options.


Ideas for birth wishes (birth plan)


Some hypno-birthing techniques - birth affirmations etc.




2 x 3 hour sessions over weekends

1.30 - 4.30

£75.00 per couple