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Pregnancy Yoga

Together we hold a clear open, welcome space with a wide range of modified postures designed to support and enhance a women’s experience of pregnancy and birth, these classes include many subtle yoga practices relating to deep relaxation, sound and breath.


 We use a full range of holistic yoga techniques (not just postures) that enhance a woman's emotional, psychic and physical experience of pregnancy as a preparation for motherhood, and in the immediate postnatal period, including asana (postures), supported posture work (using walls and chairs), a set of restorative postures for pregnancy, pranayama (breath practices), nada yoga, mudra (sacred gestures), bandha (locks and seals), mantra (sacred sound), prana vidya (knowledge of energy movements), dharana (focused attention), meditation, and pratyahara (sense withdrawal) through yoga nidra (deep relaxation);


Note: Pregnancy Yoga counts as ante-natal preparation and you may be entitled to time off work to attend these classes.


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T: 07545486001





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