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Pregnancy Yoga

Restorative / Extra Gentle Yoga

Pregnancy is a personal journey of mental and physical change for any women. It can also be a challenging time, as adjustments need to be made as the body starts to change shape. For this reason, many women are now turning to pregnancy yoga.

A regular yoga practice specifically tailored for pregnancy can help address some of these mental and physical changes in a positive way. Women who practise yoga during pregnancy are able to be really present in their bodies and connect with their unborn child. Yoga has a calming effect on the mother and this also transmitted to the baby.

Breathing techniques learnt in pregnancy yoga can be used at any time during pregnancy. Focusing on the breath can have a profound effect. By learning to control the breath, women may feel empowered and more in control of their thoughts and body. Many women also find these techniques very useful when giving birth.

Pregnancy yoga differs from general yoga classes in several ways. 

Many traditional poses are adapted to accommodate the changes in the body.

For example, twists are open and poses are fluid and nurturing for the mum-to-be. This creates space in the body and helps to alleviate some of the common ailments often associated with pregnancy, such as; backache, heartburn, swollen limbs etc.

By practising yoga, the body becomes more strengthened and toned. Many women who practise yoga find that they regain their shape and fitness more quickly after giving birth. In addition, spending time in a pregnancy yoga class with other women can be an emotionally bonding experience. Many friendships are formed at this time.

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props (such as eye bags, blankets, blocks and bolsters) helps you to maintain balance whilst stimulating and relaxing your body.

This type of yoga suitable for all. It is especially suitable for people returning to yoga practice after a spell away or beginning yoga or the very first time. It is also suitable for anyone working with injuries or health conditions.

Restorative yoga allows individuals to switch off from the hectic pace of everyday life, allowing you to tune into yourself.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

£45.00 for 6 week pass - Classes can be attended at any time.

£8.00 drop in after 36 weeks of pregnancy


Tuesday 6.00 -7.00 pm

Sky Blue Yoga Studio

Northfield Centre

Co-operative Street, 

Stafford ST16 3DA

Restorative Yoga Classes

£7.50 per class - drop in sessions

Tuesday 11.15 - 12.15

Sky Blue Yoga Studio

Northfield Centre

Co-operative Street

Stafford ST16 3DA





Tillington Street

Stafford ST16 2RP



T: 07545486001





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